Blended Learning – where I am at!

So I started the Future Learn Blended Learning Essentials course and starting off it mentions Blogs so I decided to write a post which is a comment I created on the course about why i am “doing digital” Comment is recreated below:

I have been using Technology and have used Blended Learning in modules for a number of years. But now I am also teaching Teachers how best to use technology and online learning in the current climate. So I felt this is a good time to spend time thinking about how I have approached it in the past and currently approach it. Lessons learnt and also how times have changed. So I suppose I am not going digital as I already am but why I did initially:

  1. Ease of collecting material from students (I hate paper and boxes of assignments)
  2. Students looking for “handouts” 5 weeks after you covered that handout
  3. The ease of sharing information with students
  4. Ability to check in on students in larger groups (without contacting them)
  5. Feedback and the ease of giving it in a private way to each student

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